Cork wedding photographer highlights of 2018.

As a Cork wedding photographer I have to say… Whew, 2018 flew by and 2019 looks like it’s going to go even faster, so much so that it’s April and I’m only now doing my best of 2018. And here I was thinking I’d have a year off!

Looking back at the photographs and gorgeous couples I met, it was hard to pick out my highlights, but some stood out because of their uniqueness and for the blend of awesome personalities of brides, grooms, families, and guests. I should also include fashion and taste, too, as many weddings had distinct characters that reflected the personality of the union – with such taste and style I was occasionally bowled over.

Emma Jervis Algarve West Cork wedding photographer Highlights from 2018

The edit re-affirmed that I do have the best job in the world. Who else gets to hang out in luxurious hotels and grounds snapping people looking their most fabulous?

I’m happy to say that I do. I couldn’t be more grateful for the privilege.

Here are a select few of my highlights:

Fairytale Bohemian Wedding – Gougane Barra

The pictures from Fiona and Jason’s wedding day remain number one on my landing page and for good reason. Being immersed in nature with this chilled-out couple who had a very clear picture of how they wanted their day was an inspiring wedding shoot that excited all of my creative juices. Skipping through the Lavender undergrowth under canopies of trees then shooting the incredible Gougane Barra lake and surroundings filled me with awe, reminding me there’s a special kind of magic in open air ceremonies.

Beyond Fabulous Gay Wedding – Dingle Skelling

As I wrote in my first blog about Johnny and Michael’s wedding, I like to meet my wedding couples long before the day. That was blown out of the water when these two handsome grooms flew in from the U.S. bringing with them Tom Fucking Ford fabulousness, Christian Laboutin shoes, and lavish design from beginning to end.

The force of personality and charisma that permeated the occasion left me as dizzy as if I’d been sipping bubbles all day. More weddings like that, please.

Lake Garda, Italy – Hello destination wedding

OK. This is an obvious choice, but it had to be, didn’t it? Ciao Lake Garda and Married In Lake Garda with Lena and James inviting me to be a part of this magical (and sweltering) day. It was a treat to have the opportunities presented by the sublime ancient town. Its light, fashion, and architecture caused me to feel all kinds of inspired. It also left me with a very easy answer to any bride or groom’s question of, “Should we do a destination wedding?”

Traveling abroad for your wedding gives your family the opportunity to get together for an extended period of time, to re-connect and celebrate family ties. To enhance your experience, a wedding planner makes everything leading up to your day trouble-free. Of course with being based in Portugal now I couldn’t recommend Portugal any higher 😉

If you’re planning on itlay, give Catherine a bell on

Absent friends

It’s usually around half-way through wedding season when exhaustion begins to creep in. Carrying two heavy cameras for a full day’s work leaves you feeling like you’ve done a couple of Iron Man competitions. Then, you get an email that reminds you why you do it. It isn’t only for the love of people and relishing the craic of the wedding party, it’s also because we take photographs to remember.

Weddings are often one of the few times when family members gather in a state of bliss and have a professional photographer on hand to capture every individual’s unique personality dressed at their best. Sadly, I’m reminded of this precious aspect when families contact me asking for photographs of absent friends.

So, when I wake up feeling I can’t take on another wedding, not without a lot of vitamins and muscle balm, I remember that I get to take images of people who mean the world to one another.

The power of ‘click’

For those of you who are familiar with my work, you’ll know I encourage you to drop me a line so we can go for coffee and a chat to see whether we’ll be a good combination. It’s because chemistry – clicking with your photographer – is such an important part of choosing who’s going to shoot your wedding. This became so clear when I was putting together my slideshow.

I can tell exactly which couple I clicked with because it shows. This might be partly my own self-criticism, but clicking with your photographer really does mean you’re at your most relaxed and so are they. A relaxed happy photographer is one who’s confident to act the maggot; to put you into creative shots and will gel with your day so there’s seamlessness and a special vibe to the photographs.

Some of my happy couples kindly left reviews and testimonials …

Wedding photography has brought me into touch – and friendships – with incredible individuals who were prepared to share their love and stories with me. I didn’t realise how connected I’d become to the people I’ve met as well as the photography and wedding community until the distance helped me to see what I’d created and experienced.

For now, though, I hope you enjoy the Best Cork wedding photographer highlights as much as I loved shooting them.

I’d love it if you shared your favourite shots with me.

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