Elene & Mike were gifted this engagement shoot by their family and I am sooo delighted they were…check out this shoot!!

For the majority of the day it had been a typical Irish dull summers day, grey and quite flat. As a photographer I am always hunting for interesting light. A warm orange glowing sunset is the mother ship, so when the clouds started to break open at about 7.30pm I knew it was going to be magic. Like an excited kid I drove down to Tragumna and watched the rocks glow, the sea glisten and the sky start to turn pinkish as the sun was beginning to set behind the hills. Elene & Mike being the legends they are, had no problem scaling the wall around the beach and even doing a bit of rock climbing to ensure we got the shots! I love a good adventure on a shoot.

Having your photos taken for the first time is a nerve wrecking experience, I think this is why I love engagement shoots so much. You not only become more relaxed about having your photos taken, you learn a few posing tips, I learn what is your favourite side and you end up having some beautiful portraits of you together a couple. Mike and Elene both said they feel much more relaxed about their wedding photos now, which for me, means they will enjoy the day so much more without having to worry about ‘the photos’.

I’m excited to photograph their day with them, I know they will be super cute and laugh the whole day through surrounded by all the people in their lives cheering them on.

Thanks guys for trusting me to be your photographer. Huge congratulations!



Elene Mike e-shoot_005.jpg
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Elene’s make-up and hair was done by Hair stylist Anita Foley of Neroli Anita Foley specially for the shoot & the dress bought at White Fawn Boutique

Their wedding is going to be at West Lodge Hotel
Dress supplier Martina of Rice n Roses Cork
Florist the wonderful Catherine of West Cork Wedding Flowers
Hair stylist Anita Foley of Neroli Anita Foley
MUA Kate Noonan Kate Noonan
Cake designer the phenomenal Rachel of Daisy Chain Cakes
Wedding jewellery Ozgur Aksoy
Videographer Ian Armstrong
Wedding transport Timmy McCarthy