There are some couples whose joy and candid happiness simply beam! So playful and fun that it truly sets the tone of their iconic day. And you know me, I adore capturing the story of such couples! Sarah and Frankie simply couldn’t wait to celebrate their love without the previous chains of Covid, so you can already imagine – their Irish destination wedding was nothing short of fun.

This Irish-Italian pair decided that if they were to have a wedding, it would be laughter infused, curated in the name of playfulness and fun. Even though everything about it spoke class and sophistication, it oozed a special kind of charm. That gave the whole event a different and amazing vibe. As I am an advocate for relaxed photography, it was a real treat to portray their playful nature.

Their Irish destination wedding unfolded seamlessly. From the fun getting ready moments to tying the knot in St.Mary’s Cathedral in Kerry, everything was phenomenal. The couple actually really looked forward to getting married in this historic cathedral. Its grandeur complimented Sarah and Frankie’s effortless elegance perfectly.

Following the ceremony, we went to document their intimate session near the Killarney Lakes. In essence, the shoot felt more like playing around and portraying their natural reactions as we went. Plus, the views were simply iconic! You can bet it was pretty epic spending some time with these two and witnessing their love.

After the canape hour and mingling with their guests, it was time for Sarah and Frankie to celebrate their reception. The couple hosted it at the Great Southern Hotel Killarney with all of their family and friends! This part of the day was a great opportunity to surrender to fun, laughing and dancing. By sharing their candid speeches and revelling in the sweet atmosphere, Sarah and Frankie continued to celebrate in this Killarney venue, where their story felt like home.

Now, I leave you to enjoy the photos of this Irish destination wedding. If you love what you see and feel like my natural wedding photography can capture the essence of your chapter, please get in touch!