Picture the scene… You know the one from the cheesy chick-flick on Netflix we all deny we’ve seen but have secretly watched and cried to…

No? Just me then. 


Imagine you get to play a part in such a scene in real life

Picture you and your loved one upon dramatic limestone cliffs that burn golden as the sun sets. Palm trees rustle in the idle breeze. The salty ocean swell lulls you into a blissful reverie. Seagulls meander in the warm melba sky. 

The love of your life holds you close. Together, you eye the horizon. There you are giggling, stroking fingers, leaning into each other for an intense and private kiss. From the bushes, a photographer points a very large camera. She leans in to capture your blissful moment.

What could be more romantic or special? Right?

OK. It may not be quite like the movie… But, it will be a laugh. And you will have some memorable tender moments in this epic landscape, the vista being more than anything Hollywood can muster.

You get to spend time together. Yes, I’ll be there with a camera. Occasionally, I’ll give you some gentle posing ideas, but mainly it is about you enjoying a cuddle together, having an adventure and learning to forget about me. In fact, the more you ignore me the better. I won’t get offended. I promise. 

Forget about the camera

These shots aren’t for me. They’re for you. They are so you have beautiful photos of yourselves at a stunning location. More importantly, we’ll get to explore, laugh, play and you begin to relax around me.

This means on your wedding day having your photo taken is not such a petrifying thought. It will only be Jerv, with her camera, acting the maggot and trying desperately to stay away from the all too delicious sweet cart. 

Build Trust

Most importantly, it’s about building trust. You have to be able to trust me to capture the truest versions of yourselves. A mini shoot before the day, in my opinion, is absolutely the best way to do this. I think it’s nice to go for a drink afterwards too… But maybe that’s just me 😉

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Thank you to Jo & Beth for trusting me to photograph them at Ponta De Piedade, Lagos, Portugal before their big day.

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