Venice. Still. Quiet.

I joined Thrive 4.0 when I knew Nadia Meli was speaking at it. I’ve been a fan of hers for years. So, when she set us a challenge to dig into our archives to search out pics for an online art gallery, I was nervous and excited.

Five years ago I lost my mum. It unexpectedly changed everything for me. Later that year, I took a workshop with Rohan Reilly photography to go to Venice to photograph the waterways at sunrise. Very slow shutter speeds, filter systems, tripods and freezing hands.

It was the perfect breathing space I needed to help me grieve the loss of my mum, the re-connection to myself and my love of photography. Finding the perfect balance in an image. Slowing down. Way down.

That time engraved a special place on my heart for slowing down, seeing differently and enjoying lines and space. Simple beauty.