Actons Hotel

  • Where? Kinsale
  • What is it? 4-star boutique hotel on the seafront of Kinsale.
  • Licenced for civil ceremonies? Yes.
  • Capacity: 240
  • Perfect for: Lovers of the ocean & boating, boutique decor and, of course, CharlesFort.
  • Makes me think of: Chic, understated modern style, vintage cocktail bus on the lawn and Gin & Tonic with Kinsale Gin (Count me in!)

The oldest hotel in Kinsale, Actons Hotel is old-fashioned romance mixed with a contemporary touch. Four-star excellence runs throughout this hotel, from the choice of rooms and its location through to the dedicated wedding team and their brand of quality service.

Actons has an understated yet bold presence that belies its luxury. More fool anyone who walks by without looking in. The elegant interior that radiates four-star magic transports you to that holiday vibe where nothing can touch you, and everything’s grand in the world. Who doesn’t love that?

I could tell you about how the hotel has an extensive range of wedding facilities or about the Garden Lounge, which is an idyllic setting that’s ideal for more intimate occasions and can accommodate up to 50 people, but I’m a sucker for inside/outside spaces. So one of the best parts of the hotel – for me – is the outside patio, which is a super lovely low-key spot where your party can relax and chill. Then there are the landscaped gardens and near-by harbour as well as the rather wonderful Kinsale for the backdrop to your big day, so your wedding photographer has a lot of options for creating stunning photographs in a variety of settings. Straight up, Actons delivers outside sea-faring breeze, openness, and a touch of modern class while letting you and your wedding party chill the heck out and revel in holiday-esque splendour.


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