My ultimate purpose is to document each celebration of love colourfully and genuinely. Something I had the pleasure to do when I had the honour to be a part of Siobhan and Lindsey’s rainbow wedding. With their chosen venue, unique theme and colourful celebrant, their lesbian wedding is definitely for the books! 

One thing I can’t get over is how personal the entire celebration was. Giving their family and friends essential roles made everything much more intimate. They weren’t just guests who celebrated with them. They were a big part of the service. You can also do this when having a non-traditional wedding to make it more fun and interactive for everyone.

A great example would be having a ring warming ceremony as a symbolic and memorable tradition you can share with your guests. This made Siobhan and Linsey’s heartfelt vows even more unforgettable. Besides their celebrant wearing a rainbow dress, the tears and laughter shared by the couple and everyone around them made it one of the most colourful celebrations I’ve ever seen.

Another perk of unconventional ceremonies is the freedom to choose where or how to do it. The lovely couple opted to do their ceremony and reception in the Finnebrogue woods. This magical outside space set amongst the trees was the perfect place to have a dreamy teepee reception. A rainbow dress and colourful bridal make-up that would make any drag artist proud will shine brighter in this location. Besides that, you can add whatever details you want to your wedding. You can add more colour to your party with live musicians or be more quirky by adding alpacas as Siobhan and Lindsey did! It was indeed a beautiful celebration they both deserve!

I hope Siobhan and Lindsey’s rainbow wedding inspires you to have a non-traditional wedding too! Contact me so I can also capture your unique and personalised ceremony!


  • Band- The Moonshines
  • Wedding Florist- Amanda, The Witching Flower NI
  • Hair Stylist- Ruth Flanagan, The Chop Shop
  • Make-up Artist- Stevey Lennox, Stevey Lennox Professional Artist
  • Cake designer- Sarah Irwin, Yummy Mummy Cakes (Moira)
  • Wedding rings/jewellery- Shannon McShane
  • Videographer- Elspeth Vischer , Vish Films NI